Why would a chiropractor ask for blood work?

This is where a diagnostic blood test or saliva test can be very helpful for those seeking a Chiropractor in Mount Olive NJ. Not only do our doctors assess a person's range of motion, muscle strength, neurological function, and structural alignment, they can also determine if hormones, nutrients, and minerals are part of the problem. This price and ease of use allow chiropractors in Mount Olive NJ to check each patient's chronic inflammatory chemistry and recommend corrective care if the blood sample determines that it is necessary. So, you might ask, how widespread is chronic inflammation today? Should I focus more on treating a Chiropractor in Mount Olive NJ? Well, let's consider that this condition used to be called “epidemic”, and now the term that is most often seen in scientific literature is “pandemic”.Research clearly shows that it is up to chiropractors to evaluate the type of chronic inflammatory chemistry that may be the primary cause of a patient's musculoskeletal pain.

Fortunately, chiropractors now have the option of offering a blood test that focuses exclusively on musculoskeletal inflammation and that uses the same CLIA-certified laboratory that performed the original published research. This is a blood test available to chiropractors, which only requires a drop of blood and, since it comes packaged as a homemade device that can be inserted with the finger and administered by the patient, it fits their scope of practice.