Is it better to go to the doctor or chiropractor for back pain in Goose Creek SC?

If you have chronic pain, it might make sense to see a doctor for a diagnosis. However, a chiropractor also has the ability to identify the problem and establish a care plan. In fact, chiropractors have the knowledge to work on other areas of the body, such as the shoulders and knees. While doctors specializing in back pain sometimes cannot eliminate back pain completely, chiropractic treatment is more effective and safer. If you are looking for physical therapy near me, a chiropractor can provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan to help you manage your pain.

If you have acute back pain, you should go directly to a chiropractor to have your body checked. People often want to first try the type of conservative approaches that chiropractors offer. In fact, this is what many clinical care guidelines recommend. So before trying treatments such as injections or surgery for back pain, they may want to consider chiropractic care, physical therapy or acupuncture. Back to Health Physical Medicine in Goose Creek provides both physical therapy and chiropractic care. 

Most of the time, back pain resolves with this type of treatment. You may need to see the chiropractor several times a week at first and then move on to seeing the chiropractor once a week for a period of time. Although there are several chiropractors in your area, it's helpful to do some research, especially with the backgrounds of these professionals. An experienced chiropractor will evaluate your back pain to help you understand what could be causing it. The Doctors at Back to Health can evaluate the best procedures for your back pain. 

Here, Duke chiropractor Eugene Lewis, DC, MPH, answers questions about how chiropractic care could help you feel better. When they see an increase in your pain or discover that your situation goes beyond their own experience, they will recommend a more suitable professional, who is a chiropractor. If you can't decide whether to choose a doctor who specializes in back pain or a chiropractor, consider the benefits you'll get from chiropractic treatment. In addition to offering treatment, chiropractors also advise their patients on a good lifestyle to keep them healthy.

A chiropractor will be better able to find the root cause of the pain and suggest possible remedies. You don't need to wait for your doctor or primary caregiver to refer you before deciding to visit a chiropractor. Talk to your doctor about whether seeing a chiropractor is an option for treating your herniated disc. Conditions other than neck and back pain that chiropractors can help treat include asthma, scoliosis, headache, arthritis, ear infection, bowel regularity, blood pressure, organ function, a healthy pregnancy, and improved mental clarity.

Pain associated with hard tissue is more appropriate for spinal manipulation and other treatments provided by chiropractors. A chiropractor will treat not only your back but also other health conditions, such as headaches, neck pain, joint injuries, muscle strains, etc. A chiropractor will ensure that you receive perfect corrective treatment and will improve the condition without the need for surgery. Back to Health Physical Medicine is a great choice to go to help with all you conditions.