Can I relieve back pain with spinal decompression?

One of the most obvious signs that a visit to the chiropractor is needed is if you have chronic back pain. There are several factors that can contribute to back pain, such as your posture, the time you stand each day, and the type of work you do. Back pain is perhaps most commonly associated with chiropractic care. Chiropractors specialize in treating the spine and how it affects the rest of the body.

If you suffer from knee or shoulder pain, shockwave therapy can help. The most common reasons for knee or shoulder pain include a recent injury, poor posture, and certain health conditions such as arthritis or spinal disc degeneration. If your job requires you to sit or stand for long periods of time, you're more likely to develop back pain. Chronic back pain can affect muscles, joints, and other parts of the body.

When the back muscles are weakened or tight, the back can be under a lot of pressure and cause muscle spasms and pain. A chiropractor can relieve back pain with spinal decompression treatments to the spine. Lower back pain can affect everyone. In fact, eight out of ten adults have experienced lower back pain throughout their lives.

The pain can range from constant, dull aches to sudden, sharp aches and pains. Self-care, including maintaining proper sitting posture, can improve symptoms. However, when these acute symptoms persist after weeks, consider searching online for a licensed chiropractor “near me.” This will help your chiropractor better understand what you are looking for with chiropractic care. Meet with a Mount Pleasant chiropractor at Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine and discover why chiropractic care can benefit you.

If you suffer from neck, back, or knee pain that has an unexplained cause and is not due to advanced osteoarthritis, it may be beneficial to see a chiropractor. Many patients enter a chiropractor's office only after trying several forms of treatment without success. A chiropractor understands the mechanics of joint function and knows how to naturally improve joint function. A car accident chiropractor can evaluate you for potential injuries in a car accident before you start to notice symptoms.

Not only can a chiropractor treat your sports injury, but they can also help you prevent future injuries. Usually, your chiropractor will perform a physical evaluation of your body, including areas of concern or where you have been experiencing pain. Because of this, you can see a chiropractor for a wide range of issues and receive comprehensive, quality care. A simple consultation detailing your symptoms and medical history, along with diagnostic imaging tests to detect physical abnormalities, can help the chiropractor determine if you should see him.

If your pain comes from hard tissue rather than soft muscle tissue, you may need to visit a chiropractor. A chiropractor can help reduce pain and improve range of motion by realigning bones and joints. Once any immediate threat or concern is addressed, you can seek follow-up or ongoing care with a chiropractor you trust.