Can a chiropractor hurt you worse?

Chiropractors who provide Chiropractic Services to treat neuromuscular disorders by manually adjusting or manipulating the spine are controversial, especially in Atlanta GA. Some patients praise them for relieving pain without addictive medications or expensive surgeries; others call them charlatans. In October, an autopsy report revealed that Playboy model Katie May died in February after a Chiropractor in Atlanta GA adjusted her back, leaving the 34-year-old with a broken artery that prevented blood flow to her brain. May's heirs ask the medical professional for a seven-figure settlement, alleging negligence related to the Chiropractic Services provided by a Chiropractor in Atlanta GA.

After an adjustment by a Chiropractor in Atlanta GA, you may feel some pain or discomfort. This is a normal reaction to spinal adaptation and should go away after a short time. Many patients feel pain after seeing their chiropractor, which does not indicate a major problem. Reactions to chiropractic treatment vary from person to person and depend on how long they have been receiving chiropractic adjustments. Another mistake that inexperienced and low-skilled chiropractors make is to use as much force as necessary without remembering that the back contains a delicate spinal cord that must be handled with great care.

A good chiropractor uses moderate force to manipulate the spine and, if used excessively, will worsen the condition. Some people experience mild discomfort after their first chiropractic adjustments as their body adjusts to this new normal of proper spinal alignment. Muscles that have weakened or are used to enduring poor posture are now asked to support the body in a new, healthier way. Because of this, pain and pain in the joints and spinal muscles are common reactions to chiropractic adjustments.

He recommends that chiropractors take a holistic approach to their practice, but to avoid those who claim to treat other types of ailments, such as thyroid problems. In addition, a chiropractor who works with a team of medical professionals, such as that at College Park Orthopedics, can help provide you with the best and most comprehensive care available. For example, it can be a great relief to talk about any pain or discomfort you may have felt after a specific adjustment, as the chiropractor can help clarify why that particular muscle or area may feel more pain. An inexperienced, low-skilled chiropractor can hurt your back and cause you to leave with more back pain than you had.

What they don't know is that the pop sound is the result of air escaping from the rear discs and not a sign of chiropractor skill. Chiropractors and the organizations that represent them claim that the dangers of manipulating the neck have been exaggerated. Americans make about 250 million chiropractic visits each year, and 105 million of those appointments include neck manipulations, according to the American Chiropractic Association of Arlington, Virginia. But what happens when back pain gets worse after a visit to the chiropractor? Does that mean the treatment didn't work?.

As you experience chiropractic care and adjustments with a Marietta chiropractor, your body learns to restore itself and your spine and muscles realign in a more positive and healthy way. As a result of a chiropractor's lack of qualification and inexperience, you may use the wrong blows to manipulate the spine or even apply too much force. Call Marietta Chiropractors at AICA Orthopedics to schedule an appointment and experience the restorative practice of chiropractic today. According to Smith, patients with strokes caused by a torn artery were almost five times more likely to have had a recent neck adjustment than those with strokes caused by something else, indicating that a recent visit to a chiropractor is an independent risk factor for stroke.

If your chiropractor treats you poorly, it can result in disc injuries and make your condition even worse. Don't pay much of your hard-earned money to have someone experiment with your body, as this not only damages your back, but it can also result in more serious injuries that can result in stroke or paralysis and even death. In such a situation, the chiropractor may end up causing the artery that carries blood to the back to rupture, in which case the patient may experience severe back pain and, in some rare cases, a stroke is imminent. .