How often do you need chiropractic adjustments?

When you first start a new treatment plan, it's common to have to make adjustments several times a week. As the body begins to heal, that number could drop to just once a week. And if you're pain-free and simply want to maintain your lifestyle, you may only need to make an adjustment once or twice a month. To get the most benefits, most types of injuries and pains will need between four and twelve sessions.

Ongoing maintenance is used to prevent pain from recurring and to prevent further injuries from forming due to misalignment of the spine. In other words, it's good to visit the chiropractor before you feel pain. Going to an appointment at least once a month can be an effective approach when you know your body will be under stress. Most injuries or causes of pain will need between four and twelve sessions to achieve maximum benefits and align.

From there, ongoing maintenance will prevent the pain from returning and reduce the chance of further injury if the spine becomes misaligned again. For recovery from an injury, your chiropractor can recommend more regular services to support your healing process and get faster results. First, it's good to understand how a chiropractor can help you before deciding how often to see one. You may experience some pain after a chiropractic session, similar in the level of pain you might feel after a workout.

A chiropractor can help you reposition your pelvis to avoid chronic pain and other problems in the future. In any case, when you're in pain, it's always best to talk openly with your chiropractor about your needs. A chiropractic adjustment can improve circulation, help relieve pain caused by arthritis, increase energy, help the nervous system work better, and give you peace of mind. Both very active people and those who must sit at a desk for many hours can benefit from chiropractic care before the real pain begins.

This is why many patients with chronic symptoms are advised to use chiropractic care as part of their treatment plan. Likewise, chiropractors cannot treat joint or spinal pain caused by certain underlying conditions. In fact, when done correctly, chiropractic adjustments don't always produce a crackling or clicking sound, but they can still provide you with lasting relief. You may experience chiropractic adjustments for the first time when you seek all-natural, drug-free approaches to recovering from an injury.

When you need to make a decision about how often you should visit the chiropractor, consider how you feel, what your budget is, and what your doctor recommends. The type of injury you seek care for and the personal goals you set out to recover will influence how often you need to visit the chiropractor for adjustments. Primarily, if you have or suspect that you have broken bones or fractures, you will need another medical intervention before seeking chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic adjustments don't just affect the back and spine; this type of treatment can also offer a myriad of benefits.

In addition to the need for additional sessions for maintenance, one of the main reasons why people often need several sessions in advance is that they don't seek chiropractic care until they have symptoms, meaning they're already in pain.