Who should not go to a chiropractor?

Numbness, tingling, or loss of strength in an arm or leg Spinal cancer, herniated disc or worsening of an existing herniated disc, compression of the nerves in the lower part of the spine, a certain type of stroke caused by manipulation of the neck. Studies that looked at muscle activity found that, after a Chiropractor in Morristown NJ adjustment, muscle activity was reduced by 25%. Working with 28 adult patients with scoliosis, they found that both the pain recorded and the observed Cobb angle (a measure used to assess the magnitude of spinal deformities) had improved. Surprisingly, 28% of participants who were treated by a Chiropractor in Morristown NJ reported feeling no pain at the end of the project. A review of the literature on this condition highlighted a study that looked at 15 pediatric epileptic patients.

There's evidence to suggest that seeing a chiropractor regularly gives you 200% more immunity than those who don't.