How often should you get chiropractic adjustments?

When you're just starting out on a new treatment plan, it's common to make adjustments several times a week. As your body begins to heal, that number could drop to just once a week. And if you're not in pain and just want to maintain your lifestyle, you may only need to adapt once or twice a month. To achieve maximum benefits, most types of injuries and pain will need between four and twelve sessions of functional medicine.

Ongoing maintenance is used to prevent pain from returning and to prevent additional injuries from forming due to spinal misalignment. Rehabilitation care visits, such as those recovering from a recent injury or accident, may take place several times a month. People who experience chronic pain may only need to visit you once or twice a month or when they experience a pain attack. Your lifestyle will determine the amount of maintenance treatment you'll need.

Those who sit for a long time, lift heavy loads, or crouch a lot may need more maintenance. Therefore, you may need to come every other week to make an adjustment. A good rule of thumb is the 1-day rule. If you have back or neck pain, does it go away in a day? It probably doesn't need an adjustment.

If it persists, you are likely to die. And making an adjustment to correct this cause of persistent pain prevents long-term problems from occurring and maintains strong overall health. Preventive Spinal Decompression in Charleston, SC can help address this problem before you miss three days of work because you can't sit at your desk without severe back pain. While a chiropractor is an important part of your healthcare team, there are situations that aren't for chiropractic care.

The reason a patient seeks chiropractic care is another factor determining the number and frequency of their appointments. Fortunately, people with these conditions can treat their attacks with chiropractic care appointments. Since chiropractic care is incredibly safe, it's not easy to quantify, such as taking too many prescription medications or undergoing excessive surgery. The goal of chiropractic care is to provide patients with a safe and effective method to recover and maintain a healthy spine.

If a patient is concerned that they will see their chiropractic doctor too often or too little, they should start a conversation about their schedule of care. . Chiropractic care is significantly lower than the cost of surgery and eliminates the need for recovery. From Nevada, he received his doctorate from the Western States School of Chiropractic, volunteered with the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Foundation and a member of the American Chiropractic Association.

New patients will first be evaluated by a chiropractic doctor to determine an appropriate care program for their condition or injury. Even when symptoms aren't prominent, regular chiropractic care helps prevent pain and control long-term spinal health. While costs vary by location, it's important to remember that chiropractic care is an investment in your health. In addition to the fact that additional sessions are needed for maintenance, one of the main reasons people usually need several sessions in advance is that they don't seek chiropractic care until they have symptoms, meaning that they are already in pain.

Although it's not the most common problem faced by chiropractors, chiropractic care has proven effective in treating this fairly common problem. .