Can a chiropractor pinch a nerve?

While chiropractic adjustments are the primary method used to treat a pinched nerve, chiropractors can use a variety of treatment methods as needed, including Pain Relief and Wellness. They often incorporate aspects of physical therapy to strengthen affected muscles, and you may be asked to continue gentle exercises at home along with in-office treatment. There are 31 pairs of nerves that originate in the spinal cord and pass through the spaces between the vertebrae to function. The chiropractor can make safe and precise adjustments to correct the cause of the “pinched nerve”, providing Pain Relief and Wellness. Chantale Poirer, Administrative Assistant and Privacy Officer (819-775-9797 ext.

Yes, chiropractic adjustments can be extremely beneficial in a wide range of nerve pinching cases. When nerve compression occurs due to inflammation caused by improper ergonomics, the chiropractor can help by realigning the spine into the correct position. A chiropractor can use adjustments to release a pinched nerve and address the root cause of the problem. With unpleasant and persistent symptoms, such as acute pain, numbness, muscle spasms, reduced mobility, or tingling sensations, it is impossible to ignore pinched nerves.

Trauma, such as fractures and sprains, is the most common cause of mechanical compressions that cause nerve compression. Nerve compression can occur almost anywhere in the body, from the spinal area to the upper chest, arms, elbows, or wrists and hands. For example, nerve clamping can sometimes occur when a joint is dislocated, and these injuries are more likely after the first appearance. Relieving symptoms can go a long way to improving the health and quality of life of the spine; however, those with nerve pinches often have to take charge of their own treatment for adjustments to be maintained.

A Broomfield, Colorado chiropractor can make an adjustment that returns these structures to their correct position, thus relieving pressure on the nerve for immediate relief and reducing risks. In most cases, a bone, joint, or muscle is to blame for pinched nerve pain when they misalign or move from their natural position. This exam allows the chiropractor to get a complete picture of your overall health and identify areas that may be causing pain or dysfunction. In addition to eliminating your immediate pain, a Broomfield, Colorado chiropractor will also focus on preventing similar injuries from occurring in the future.

If you have a pinched nerve, you might be wondering who to turn to for help; among those options is a chiropractor in Broomfield, Colorado. However, treatment requires the patient's long-term involvement to change unhealthy habits and prevent the causes of nerve compression. While rest and home treatments are usually sufficient for recovery, pinched nerves can also worsen, cause chronic pain, or cause permanent nerve damage. Once established in the field, chiropractors can enjoy a rewarding career helping people improve their health and well-being.