Can chiropractic care cause more damage?

Chiropractic adjustment is safe when performed by a person trained and licensed to provide chiropractic care. Conclusions Spinal manipulation, especially when performed on the upper part of the spine, is frequently associated with mild to moderate adverse effects. It can also cause serious complications, such as vertebral artery dissection followed by a stroke. Currently, the incidence of this type of event is unknown.

For the sake of patient safety, we should reconsider our policy regarding the routine use of spinal manipulation. Experts say that serious injuries and death from chiropractic treatment are rare. However, it's important for patients to understand what type of care they receive, especially if they have a health problem that could make chiropractic adjustments dangerous. It's important to fully understand the limits of chiropractic treatment, as well as the potential risks associated with aggressive or abrupt neck and spine movements.

Using excessive force in a chiropractic adjustment can be medical negligence. It can also cause serious injuries, such as Brandon's. Many other cases of chiropractic injuries have been recorded, often involving the tearing of a cervical artery during neck manipulation. These injuries can result in permanent neurological damage, a stroke, or even death.

However, due to the severity of the injury, many spinal specialists warn that chiropractic manipulation of the neck can be dangerous. Bilateral vertebral artery dissection was also significantly related to previous chiropractic manipulation. The therapists involved are mostly chiropractors; this predominance is likely due to the fact that these therapists use spinal manipulation more frequently than other professionals. The patients were predominantly women (average age 39 years) who had seen a chiropractor for neck pain or headache.

In patients younger than 45 years of age, the chances of having a vertebrobasilar accident within one week of visiting the chiropractor increased fivefold. In recent years, there have been some alarming cases in which people have suffered serious injuries and even death following chiropractic treatment. Every state in the country requires chiropractic schools to be accredited by the Chiropractic Education Council. Spinal manipulation has been performed by orthopedic surgeons (50%), physical therapists (14%), chiropractors (11%), or other health professionals.

They refer to review articles that have found no relationship between neck manipulations and arterial tears, and to research showing that people who saw a primary care doctor were just as likely to have a stroke in the weeks after their appointment as those who went to a chiropractor. On the other hand, skill is a quality that cannot be easily controlled in this type of research; even some chiropractors may be more skilled than others. You can even visit the chiropractor for milder manual or traction therapy, which involves less aggressive and more controlled stretching or movement. Another expert, a doctor, said he doesn't recommend chiropractic treatment for people who have spinal problems, such as spinal cord or nerve compression.

The chiropractor then placed his arms under Brandon's armpits and closed his hands behind Brandon's head.