Why Doctors Don't Appreciate Chiropractic Care

It all started as a turf war. Doctors don't understand what chiropractors do, since they weren't trained in spinal manipulation techniques.

Chiropractic care

won't benefit all injuries, and it must be adapted to the person's needs and performed by a best chiropractor. Some people claim that chiropractic care doesn't work, due to the lack of scientific support. Critics are skeptical because it doesn't involve medications or invasive surgeries.

There have been cases of fatal side effects and complications, even death or stroke. Despite this, chiropractic care is known to treat many medical conditions and help relieve pain in patients with cancer. When it began to gain ground among patients and their communities, there was a confrontation between chiropractors and osteopaths. However, patients are voting with their feet, so doctors should try to learn more about chiropractic care rather than hindering progress.