Do Chiropractors use Softwave or Spinal Decompression in Mount Pleasant SC?

A chiropractor is trained to ensure that your body functions as optimally as possible by using spinal manipulations to relieve joint and muscle pain. These spinal adjustments will increase blood flow and nerve conductivity to the joints and muscles that are in pain. If you've been advised to find a chiropractor in Mount Pleasant SC, you may want to understand why chiropractors are beneficial and what you can expect before scheduling an appointment. A chiropractor's primary therapy is spinal manipulation, in which they use their hands or instruments to apply force to a spinal joint, moving the joint in a specific direction for better alignment.

Depending on the type of arthritis, the chiropractor may perform gentle manipulation to increase range of motion and reduce muscle spasms. Chiropractors don't have to choose a specific field like doctors, however, many choose a particular area of interest. Mount Pleasant Chiropractors at Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine can help you understand nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, and general wellness techniques that serve as preventive healthcare measures. Most adults who don't want to use medications see a chiropractor to control or eliminate pain in the lower back, neck, and head. Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine also uses Spinal Decompression therapy to help get your spine back into alignment. 

Rather than addressing symptoms individually like a traditional healthcare provider, chiropractors seek to collaborate with you on your health. Chiropractors believe that the body should be treated as a whole, and not as individual parts, and the more forms that can be healed, the more effective the treatment will be. When a chiropractor adjusts the spine, they seek to eliminate these misalignments not only to address them on their own, but also to restore the body to proper functioning and improve overall health. The chiropractor may place it on a table shaped like drops, designed with sections that go down when pressure is applied to the back.

Your chiropractor may also want to know if you have a history of migraines and your sleep patterns, your diet, and if you are physically active. A chiropractor helps control back and neck pain by using spinal adjustments to maintain good alignment. Chiropractors primarily use manual adjustments to treat neuromuscular problems, but they may also employ other methods in their quest for well-being like Softwave Therapy for knees and Shoulders at Elite Healthcare in Mount Pleasant SC. Chiropractors perform an examination of the patient, observing the position of the spine and muscle reflexes. 

Many people know that seeing a chiropractor is recommended if you experience back pain, or they may be vaguely familiar with the practice but don't understand what a chiropractor actually does. By working with orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, pain management specialists, and other experts, AICA Orthopedics chiropractors can treat patients in a comprehensive manner.